better big logo, shadowMrs. Milligan’s Millinery & Haberdashery offers a range of hats and historic accessories – from hats to spats – for discerning Ladies, and Gents, as well as to Rogues, Adventurers, Aviators, Living History Practitioners, and Reenactors.

Steam-Punk Aficionados, Cosplay Enthusiasts, followers (or leaders) of Neo-Ted, Lolita and other creative fashion styles, as well as unique dressers who like a bit of class from the past, may all find something here that feels just right. And it will come in your size.

Mrs. M smiles in Black

Mrs. Milligan, at the Churchill House, Hantsport, NS, in one of our “Big Picture” hats, inspried by her beaded and sequined trained skirt from the 1890’s. Photo by Rebecca Clarke.

Our styles are very much based in history – we study period catalogues, ads, art, and other images, mostly  from 1750-1912, to be able to offer you the most accurate possible pieces for your historic fashion needs.  We strive to be highly accurate with our styles, but sometimes we also have some fun with the colours, materials, trims, and combinations we use. We always know which is which, and what the differences are.We are happy to discuss the level of historic accuracy, and our documentation sources for any of our items.

2012-04-13 13.59.21

This Titanic hat, made for a portrayal of its survivor Molly Brown, features a buckle from 1890’s, and is based on examples from Eaton’s catalogues. The Walking Suit is based on styles shown in a 1909 Butterick pattern catalogue, and deemed suitable for the voyage.

Jenny Milligan has been sewing, making clothing and costumes for over 50 years. She has provided custom work and repair services to clients, and made hats and historic clothing since 1995. What started as a hobby became what some might call an obsession, and is now her full-time business. She is pleased to offer you the abundance of her creativity.084

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