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Our shop at Hal-Con 2016

Our shop and Associates at Hal-Con 2016, “Adventurers’ Day”

We make our hats and accessories in Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada, where the end of the  Annapolis Valley meets the Bay of Fundy. But, since neither our workshop nor our location is very conducive to accepting many visitors, we come out to you in two ways.

We invite you to visit both our online offerings, and our “pop-up” shop, which makes appearances at various shows and events in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces – and beyond, at times.

See our list of Shows or our Facebook page. You can also email us, (see below),  send us a Facebook message, or phone, to find the easiest place to meet us. You could even send postal mail to us at RR#1, Clementsvale Rd, Bear River East, NS, B0S 1B0, Canada.Slide1

  • Email Us , MrsM at mmmh dot ca ; I’m sorry it can’t just be a easy link, but of course those Crawl-Bots abused it!
  • Phone us at the number on this card
  • Facebook Messages & Tagging: @MrsMilligans