Hardware & Bling

When Mrs. Milligan was a wee thing, even before she started sewing, her father, the leather worker, bought buckles and other hardware in bulk. And do we ever mean bulk! When he passed on the contents of his workshop, there were still many boxes of brass buckles: Boxes that had held 1000 buckles,  5/8” wide, were very nearly full. The one-inch and the half-inch boxes were not so full. The 9/16 and ¾” boxes simply add to the collection. Even after 15 years of full-time leather-work herself, Mrs. M still has a lot of buckles to offer you.

Watch Keys

We also collect interesting, unique, fun, funky and elegant pieces for hat trim, and share a selection of these with our clients for their own projects. Where else would you find a Unicycle, and a Pterodactyl pin in the same place? (and please, Ms. Pterodactyl-buyer and identifier, feel free to correct me, as you more correctly identified the piece than I ever could. I love the specific-ness of all my clients’ different geekeries! What a knowledge and passion base!