Brooch Hats

2016-07-09-18-17-462016-07-08-05-16-27We wanted to call these Hat-Pins, since it is a pin (Brooch / Broach)that is made of a hat.  But since we also make hat pins, of the long pointy type meant to hold your hat in place, we had to find a better name.So, Brooch Hats it is. Some people claim it takes a bit of nerve to wear our trimmed hats in the modern work-a-day world, and we shan’t argue that point. We will, instead, show you our most miniaturized hats. At a scale of 1/6th  to  1/8th of real life, these are ever so easy to wear as a brooch on a jacket  or sweater.

2016-05-19-14-20-162015-04-06-19-58-032015-03-16-08-25-58 Those who believe that “no one under 50 wears a brooch” can also wear it in their hair. Or, hang it from your car mirror, or put a cotton ball in it with a touch of your favourite scent, or set it out as a decoration simply because you like to see it.  Offered in styles form the Regency 1810-15, the “Titanic Era”, 1910-12, and the simple 18th century flat hat.