Doll Hats

Hillary Doll

Jenna MapleLea in her Little Gems hat

The “Little gems” hats are sized for 18” Girl Dolls. These also work well as a fascinator for Life-Sized people!

The 3” hats and bonnets just happen to fit 12” fashion dolls. You can thank our wee little grand-nieces for that!  When they first said they wanted Barbie Clothes for gifts, I panicked, knowing how hard they are to fit. Then I realized I could make them hats and accessories – and I just couldn’t stop. I think I made 100 pieces of this “Hand Candy” that first winter. It turns out that these little confections are also just the right size to wear as a brooch, or to hang or perch as a decoration. There’s hardly a blazer in my closet without one.