Fancy Garters

tied garters,red & green

There was a time when garters were an essential way for all people to hold up their stockings. Either that, or a pebble (or a penny if you were so lucky) twisted into a lump at the side of one’s hose.  Garters evolved from woven ties, to affairs with clips and straps and suspenders and belts, and eventually into the decorative (but not always functional) items we most often see in embarrassing wedding pictures, and on car mirrors.
038Our2016-09-16 09.49.28 Fancy Garters combine Decoration with a bit of Function and a lot of Comfort! They will hold an item such as a “letter opener” or an Origami Creaser Bone, as one of our clients does (of which we want picture!), keeping it close to hand without despoiling your outfit’s pockets, sleek lines, or innocent appearance.

You can also wear one of  these as a fancy sleeve or arm garter, for sudden need tools such as little scissors.  As any woman who is Rubenesque, Amazon, Trans, Full figured, Drag Queen, or unabashedly Self-Proclaimed Fat painfully knows, “One Size” most certainly does not fit all. Nor even “most”. And so it is that we make our garters (and all our accessories) to fit all bodies, from pre-growth-spurt to Anna Swan, whom I feel I resemble when I’m in my biggest hats when others stand downstage in pics.