Cuff Links, Ascot Pins & Rings

Yes, there is a growing selection of cuff links available, and for this we are glad. Ours are made from specially collected and selected buttons, to give you your own unique set of cuff closures. From subtle to striking, in a wonderful array of colours and designs.Wolfville pre-show (27)Wolfville pre-show (26)

Our Ascot Pins, are a lapel pin, by any other name. Our Ascot Rings are a small, simple adjustable finger-ring, adorned with a classic or vintage button or other feature.  Slide the ends of your ascot, cravat or loose tie through the ring, tuck the ends into your buttoned waistcoat, adjust to taste, and you have a classic look from the turn of the last century. A close look at His Majesty, King George V, in this portrait with Queen Mary  reveals the example which started this line for us. Do notice this picture, and her hat, as we shall return to it later. There might be a test!

Ohh, alright, Big Sigh. . Here is the test, but now I’ve forgotten the question. Or the answer.  Here is our homage, with help from a friend to the portrait n the link above. See his Ascot Ring?Churchill_0731-bw02