"Medals" and Bar Pins

Our “Bar Code” Pins and Medals are sets of stripes that can have meaning, but it can change with the wearer. Some colours were combined to look good together; they give a particular feeling or add to a look; perhaps they simply go with your outfit.

  Inquire about custom colours for your event, team, or group. We can even include your logo, or a special symbol

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Each combination of Colour and Charm gives a different feeling or meaning

Who you are, and how you (or the recipient) wear this will give it meaning.
For example, red & white, on July 1st, will look different from red & white on Dec. 25th. Wear with pride!2017-11-16 13.40.52-1You might also like to read our Booklet / Page, “What Do the Colours Mean?”

2017-11-22 11.13.45We make combinations for all your favourite Fandoms, Superheros, Countries or Teams. For full range of options, please contact us directly. FB and IG work best, but our email is on the home page here.


Here are four simple combinations, each using some of the 3 primary colours, plus black or white, and giving a variety of meanings each: Acadia (Historic Territory) with the gold star, the Netherlands, France, the Russian Navy, the Pearson Pennant; Wonder Woman, Burger King, Superman, Ecuador, North Holland, New Brunswick, Romania and more; Union Jack of Great Britain, Marvel Comics, Montreal Canadiens, Boston Red Sox; Lego, YouTube, Adobe PDF, Amsterdam, Yemen, New Zealand, Knights Templar, a Superman Comics variant, York Univeristy … Need we go on? We think not. We trust by now that you see how colours can mean different things to, on, in, or from different people and contexts.


Our on-line shop, which is in progress, will show you all the colour combinations we offer “off the rack” , or let you choose your own sett.

Feeling in the Pink of things – a subtle selection of some of our pastel combinations

If you like Colours and Meanings and Decorations, please see our Rosettes!

“What is Black and White and Red all over? A Newspaper!” Except when it is Blue…. We organize our items by colour, so here is a bold collection.
Going Green
Our Organization of medals goes by Colour, according to wavelength, or rainbow order. Here we start with “Everything and Nothing” – Rainbows and Black, then Brown, Burgundy, Red.

20190321_114211A Harry Potter House Hufflepuff member, a Dalhousie University Alum, a Boston Bruins Fan, and a Bumblebee walked into that proverbial bar. They were all wearing the same Team Colours! In this case, Black and Yellow, just below centre, above. Because Yellow and White are the light colours, or “Metals” in British Heraldry, most logos and flags, and many of our combinations have one of these colours, to provide good contrast.


Setts including Yellow, or Greens, or Blues, but no earlier colours. Yes, we know we ought not to use such dark pictures, but for now, is it better than no images? We hope so, and hope you will bear with us.


Our Chromatic Sequence concludes with setts starting with Blue, Purple, Pink, Grey and White, as long as there are no colours appearing earlier in the spectrum.

Our very first Bar Code pin, for Mr. Garth Lescaudron, portraying a steampunk Aviator, and indicating he is part of the Brotherhood of Bears.

A returning client at the Hal-Con Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention in Halifax, NS, modeling how our medals (and our “shiny bits”), with carefully chosen emblems and colours can augment an outfit.