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Our shop at Hal-Con 2016

Spats, a shortened name for Spatterdashes, have also been known as gaiters, in the several centuries they have been used, in one style or another. Traditionally, Spats protect your shoes and feet while working and travelling. They keep stones and such out, and keep mud and dirt and water and other unpleasantness out, for the most part.  In a trend which is generally uncommon in fashion, the spat rose from a working origin to become one of the last dressy vestiges of formality. Full dress formal dinner wear was the last situation to have spats as a fashionable style, though they continue in the practical world.  In the hey-day of the 1860’s to 90’s, they were common and popular for men, women and children. Women’s magazines often offered patterns and instructions for making fashionable, coloured, and embroidered versions. Our current style is a masculine variety, but it can help turn any shoe into much more, by giving it the look of a boot or of a period shoe. Made in one size, they are adjustable by moving the buttons. For the best look wear these snug, and use a button hook!