Head Wear


When is a hat not a hat? When it’s a cap! What is the difference? Hats have a brim all the way around, and caps do not. A cap might have a partial brim, such as a “Newsy” cap or baseball cap,  or it might have no brim, such as a smoking cap. Sometimes, though, we use the name “hat” for things that are really caps. For example, our Gnome Hats are called hats, even though they have no brim. So we call them hats, but categorize them with caps. Ditto for the veiled Glengarry  on the couch, and also the classic Fez. And then there are Aviator Helmets – again, our hat-sorting  goes by the brim.
Don’t worry, there is no test! Please, accept our invitation to  have a look around at all our hats, caps, and other period head wear.