Caps – without a full brim

“Taxonomy is Tough”. As mentioned earlier, there are times when a cap seems to be a hat, and when a hat is actually a cap. We choose to organize and define or selection by whether the brim goes all the way around the item in question. 2016-12-03-17-50-23We often have discussions about when a man should and should not, or can and ought not, wear his or tip his hat. We shall tell you more about that later. For now we’ll just mention one of the quirks of manners in earlier centuries: Certain caps were considered indoor wear, while hats were generally not. Thus, the 18th century workman’s cap, the leisurely banyan cap, and especially it’s social descendant, the smoking cap were all permitted to be worn indoors. If you have questions, please, address them to us on our Facebook Page.0416