Aviators’ Helmets

2016-11-06 12.01.17
Our first Fly Boy. We are indeed pleased and impressed with his turnout, from the Dove Wool Spats, to the 10 feet of silk scarf. Oh yes, and that thing on his head.  It’s a good thing we don’t have to pay royalties for every image of  Mr. Lescaudron that we use!

Based on the styles from the early days of aviation, when all manner of adventure was in the air, our leather Aviators’ and Aviatrix’s Helmets are highly comfortable and functional. Made from a variety of colours of leather, for stealth or style, and lined with cotton, they will protect you from many of the outdoors elements. The ear flaps snap shut to cover the ear-hole, and to conceal a tiny pocket for ear buds or other devices. Straps galore allow for adjustment to your preference, and hold your goggles. The visor can be worn up or down, depending on whether you are flying off into the sunset, or gallivanting off on other adventures.

And yes, with sizes from XS to our generous 3X, we will have one to fit you. If not, we’ll make it for you

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