Smoking Caps

2016-05-19 14.20.53Smoking caps are one of the many styles that became popular in Victorian culture, with its love of oriental opulence. The style is also seen in many countries beyond the British Empire Men, whose wardrobe were becoming increasingly limited to black, brown, grey, and blue, could have all manner of fine fabrics and colours in these elegant yet casual caps. 2016-05-19 14.21.01Whether it becomes your every day headwear for work, or a leisure piece, or a way to protect your noggin from the sun or the cold or other perils such as the scrapes which Mr. Milligan seems to be so good at collecting, we offer a wide array of colours, fabrics, and sizes. And as with most clothes traditionally worn by men, women have added these to their repertoire, with all manner of personality and panache.


See what you can do by adding one of our fascinators, a veil, or a different tassel. We love seeing our hats come to life in the hands and on the heads of their wearers!