Antique Family Photo Services

We offer a number of Old Family Photo Services, for Genealogists, and others interested in family history

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One of our “success stories”  – The family now knows who this probably is. If it’s not actually them,  the look wold be similar. We call that a win. No conflicting information.

Old Family Photo Identification Workshops

Learn how to analyze the clues in photos to determine when they may have been taken. A half or full day workshop with costumed presenter, featuring a detailed slide-show, hands-on sleuthing time, loads of books, work sheets, handouts, and other guides. This workshop helps you discover the date of an old photo, sometimes getting as close as a 2-year window, but usually not more than 10 years. Determine whether you photo could be – or definitely isn’t – an image of your ancestor So-&-So.  Learn the basic timeline of costume history through photographs. Future plans include offering a video session of the workshop, complete with all the handouts.

Or, let me do the work, by sending me your scanned pictures for an analysis. Available on-line, via e-mail, as a video report, giving commentary and a summary of the clues and conclusions your photo presents.

See the “Shows” section on our Home menu, for upcoming workshops. You may also contact us to arrange a session at your own library,  historical society, museum or other location. Usually the individual registration fees cover the cost of the workshop, but of course it depends on my travel distance. Write to me here for an info sheet.


“Antique Photo Road Show”

Also known as Old Family Photo Timeline Services

(We’d call this “…photo dating”, but Google  gets so confused…)

Email your photos, and receive an analysis of when it may have been taken, based on clothing and the other clues in the photo. 

Or stop in to one of our “stops” at various sites. Contact us for current listings, or to book a stop in your area.