Corset Repair & Alteration

0714Whether your look is highly historic, strictly steampunk, or somewhere between dramatic and essential, chances are, a corset may be part of your wardrobe. We offer repair and services: for the best-beloved piece suffering from fabric-failure of age, or the old favourite that seems to have “Shrunken over the winter”. Whether your current corset is too big here, too small there, is chronically pinchy, pokey, and rude, or simply does not give you the lift or control you desire, we may be able to help.

Common alterations include:

  • Replacing eyelets
  • Changing the size of the bust, waist, or hips
  • Re-boning with the right combination of good sturdy flat or spiral steels
  • Adding a front-opening busk or lacing panel for easier self-dressing (Good help is so very hard to find!)
  • And mending!

Your needs will, of course,  be treated with the utmost of discretion. Please do contact us with your questions.